Spring in Holland: Buy Flower Bulbs

Spring in Holland: Windmills and tulip fields, windmills in holland tulips in holland Spring in Holland NetherlandsThere is no better time to visit the Netherlands than in the spring. When we think of Netherlands, there are two things that comes into our minds: the mills and fields of tulips.

On May 12, the Netherlands will celebrate the National Day of the mills, in which 600 windmills and watermills are open to visitors. For the occasion, owners will decorate their own mills and organized tours and activities. The National Day of mills is the same day as the National Day of cycling. That way, it’ll be easier to combine a bike tour with the visit of a few mills. To discover the bike routes and mills, just contact the tourist office premises.

Until May 20, you can take a shuttle services to “hop on, hop off” from the activities fromSpring in Holland: Windmills and tulip fields, windmills in holland tulips in holland Spring in Holland NetherlandsThursday to Sunday, which covers the distance from the town Noordwijk to the Keukenhof in Lisse. This ride through the tulip fields in bloom will surely be one amazing trip. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, or booked on the site.


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Please browse the rest of our pages for pictures and planting instructions that will continue to be updated. Thanks and happy planting