How to plant your Fall bulbs.

Fall bulbs have a big variety in colors, flowering periods and height. Let your imagine do the work. If you want some more info over Fall bulbs, you can take a look on our website.

Tips for a small garden

Some people are lucky because they have a big garden. Others have a small garden, a city garden or a balcony. Today we're gonna give some tips for the small garden/ city garden.

* Make sure you provide the garden with lines. The diagonal line in a rectangular garden, is the longest line. By using this line as a sightline, you will..

Planting Bulbs; a few handy bulb planting tips!

There is a trick to determine how deep you have to plant bulbs: plant a bulb 2,5 times as deep as the bulb itself high is. BUT; on every rule there is an exception! Frittilaria, Colchicum and Lilies need to be planted a little deeper, as Begonia, Iris and Cyclamen like to be just under the surface area.