Tips for a small garden

Some people are lucky because they have a big garden. Others have a small garden, a city garden or a balcony. Today we're gonna give some tips for the small garden/ city garden.

* Make sure you provide the garden with lines. The diagonal line in a rectangular garden, is the longest line. By using this line as a sightline, you will..

 create a bigger garden.

* Smuggle a bit with your garden path, make it smaller at the end of the garden. So from wide till smaller. This will give the illusion of a langer garden.

* Think about vertical gardening.

* Plant a tree! For even small gardens are proper trees.

* Don't use to much colours, it is better to use pastel tints and only use 2 or 3 colours.

* Try to use water. Water will reflect everything, so it will creates more dimension as a mirror.

Try to figure out what works best for your garden. Good luck!