Planting Bulbs and Tubers

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We all know what flower bulbs are, but did you that know some flowers grow out of tubers?
In this article we are gonna explain the difference between these two.


Fall Bulbs: partial shade/shade bulbs

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When we think of a lush full flower garden, we immediately link this to lots of sunshine. But, there are some bulbs who don't like to stand in the sun, they rather have a shady spot. Between our large amount of flower bulbs in our webshop, we offer you also bulbs for a shade garden. Look further than the bulbs you buy normally, try something new.

Fall Bulbs: Tips for beginners

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At the beginning of the year after the Autumn and mid-winter, the garden looks dull. We've got the solution.. flower bulbs! The benefit of flower bulbs in your garden is that they color your garden when everything looks bold and boring. The time to order flower bulbs is from May - December and the time to plant them is in September-November. They will bloom from February/March (depending what the type of flower is).

How to protect your garden against the heat.

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We all are suffering from the heat, someone more as somebody else.
But where you may have not thought about, is your garden.

Weather on the 19th of July 2014, Saturday.

Here are a few tips how you can control the damage of the heat.

Fall Bulbs: list of the bloom period

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In our last article, we explained when and how you have to plant them. Today we've got a quick and handy survey of all the Fall (Spring flowering) bulbs when they bloom.

Name:                             Blooming period:
Allium                                April/May/June
Amaryllis                           Indoor, in 6-8 weeks
Anemone                           March/April
Chinodoxa                         February/March
Crocus                               February/March/April
Eranthis                              February/March
Frittilaria                            April/May
Galanthis                            February/March
Hyacinth                            March/April
Iris                                     February/March/April/June/July
Leucojum                           February/March/April/May/June
Muscari                              March/April/May
Narcis                                February/March/April/May
Puschkinia                          February/March/May
Scilla                                  February/March/April
Tulip                                   March/April/May

If you haven't seen the flower your were looking for and you still want to know its blooming time, please let us know.

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Fall bulbs: When and How to plant?

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As you may have noticed, it is time to buy your Fall bulbs!

Plant bulbs preferably at the end of September or October. You can plant them in December, but there is a chance that the frost will make the ground very inaccessible and the risk that your flower bulbs will not grow by the frost. When planting bulbs in pots make sure the pot won't freeze to much, otherwise your bulbs won't survive. You can offer them a hand to survive the frost by mixing dead leaves with soil, so this will create a natural isolation. Putting your pots along the wall of your home is also a solution.

Black Tulip: Queen of the Night

Ever saw a black tulip?
We've got them in our web store. The name itself says it already; Queen of the Night.

For more info and prices, click on this link:

Mother's Day

Go no present for Mother's Day?

What would be a better gift than flowerbulbs?
Your mother/wife/ girlfriend are gonna love these.



Today we're going to talk about Caladiums, or also Elephant Ears.
Caladiums are tropical plants growing from tubers and are most known for their colorful foliage. The leaves can be shaped like hearts and arrows in different colors. They often are used as a houseplant or summer bedding plant.


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Today we want to learn you something about Begonia's.
If you never had Begonia's in your garden, well where are you waiting for?

We have three types of Begonia's on our website.

Double Camelia Type:

What does your favorite flower say about your personality?

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We wanted to make a fun article this time, so here it is:
What does your favorite flower(s) says about your personality.

Every flower has a special meaning and this way we can see if it matches your personality.

Preparing your garden for Spring.

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As you maybe have noticed, it is Spring!
Wake up your garden for a new season.

Haven't plant Spring bulbs? Well, it is about time to do this..!

Vertical Gardening

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In our last article we talked about 'Container Gardening', today we are going to talk about 'Vertical Gardening'.

What is ´Vertical Gardening´?

Container gardening with flower bulbs

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There are a few reasons why people use container gardening:
- because the soil in there area is very bad.
- it is necessary for houseplants.
- it is a great solution for gardeners with limited spaces.
- you can use containers as a decoration in the garden (there a lots of different designs).
- no more problems with weed, etc.

Actually, we can only think about good when thinking of container gardening, if you have a disadvantage with container gardening: let us know!


When you think of a Calla Lillie, you probably think about the white calla.
But.. there a more colors!

These are the bright colors we have on our website!

Tip: try something different, don't make groups of colors, but mix them!
How fun would this be in your garden?

Take a look at our website

Pre-Order your Spring bulbs (Fall flowering bulbs)

Did you know it is possible to Pre-order your bulbs?

Our Fall season start February 1!
But, you can order your bulbs already to be sure your bulbs won't be sold out.
Just go to and shop like you would usually do.
Put your items in the shopping cart (don't forget to make an account) and go to checkout.
For now we only can accept PayPal payment.

The system will let you know when your bulbs are on order.
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Dutch Flower Bulbs wishes you the best for 2014, may your dreams come true and may it be a better year than 2013! We hope to see you back in 2014!