Preparing your garden for Spring.

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As you maybe have noticed, it is Spring!
Wake up your garden for a new season.

Haven't plant Spring bulbs? Well, it is about time to do this..!

Vertical Gardening

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In our last article we talked about 'Container Gardening', today we are going to talk about 'Vertical Gardening'.

What is ´Vertical Gardening´?

Container gardening with flower bulbs

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There are a few reasons why people use container gardening:
- because the soil in there area is very bad.
- it is necessary for houseplants.
- it is a great solution for gardeners with limited spaces.
- you can use containers as a decoration in the garden (there a lots of different designs).
- no more problems with weed, etc.

Actually, we can only think about good when thinking of container gardening, if you have a disadvantage with container gardening: let us know!