Fall Bulbs: list of the bloom period

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In our last article, we explained when and how you have to plant them. Today we've got a quick and handy survey of all the Fall (Spring flowering) bulbs when they bloom.

Name:                             Blooming period:
Allium                                April/May/June
Amaryllis                           Indoor, in 6-8 weeks
Anemone                           March/April
Chinodoxa                         February/March
Crocus                               February/March/April
Eranthis                              February/March
Frittilaria                            April/May
Galanthis                            February/March
Hyacinth                            March/April
Iris                                     February/March/April/June/July
Leucojum                           February/March/April/May/June
Muscari                              March/April/May
Narcis                                February/March/April/May
Puschkinia                          February/March/May
Scilla                                  February/March/April
Tulip                                   March/April/May

If you haven't seen the flower your were looking for and you still want to know its blooming time, please let us know.

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