Fall Bulbs: Tips for beginners

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At the beginning of the year after the Autumn and mid-winter, the garden looks dull. We've got the solution.. flower bulbs! The benefit of flower bulbs in your garden is that they color your garden when everything looks bold and boring. The time to order flower bulbs is from May - December and the time to plant them is in September-November. They will bloom from February/March (depending what the type of flower is).

But it is significance to do this carefully. The flower bulbs are blooming in different periods (for a fresh reminder, look at this article). So make a plan where you want to plant the bulbs in your garden and which bulbs you want to place together. It is also possible to work with layers, or plant 
bulbs in corners of the garden. This way you can bring a pop of color in every corner of your garden.

Like we said, the bulbs need to be planted in Fall, how does it goes?:
- Assume always that flower bulbs need to be planted twice as deep as itself is.
- On the packaging of the bulbs is described the time of flowering, the most suitable location and planting depth.

-  Not everything is growing at the same time, so you can layer your bulbs. So on the first layer ( the deepest) plant some Tulips (for example), cover it with some dirt. On the second layer comes Crocus (for example), because Crocus will flower first. Than after 2 months is the Tulip ready to bloom. You can even work with 3 layers. Just be sure which flower bulbs is flowering first and which one is a late-bloomer.

- September is a good planting month or October, at least before the first frost.

Follow these tips and we will guarantee you a beautiful and colorful garden in Spring!

For more info and questions:

Go to: www.dutchflowerbulbs.com
Or ask them at: info@dutchflowerbulbs.com

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