Pre-order your Spring bulbs!

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Our Fall bulbs are not available anymore, so start thinking about Spring-Bulbs!

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Colorful Garden

Dear readers,

When visiting the Netherlands, you should have noticed the long fields of colorful Tulips.

How nice would it be to have this kind of colors in your garden?


Dear reader,

Last Tuesday we've posted this collage with Gladiolus.

In this article we are giving the names of the flowers.
Simply click on the link to see more information on our website!


Dear reader,

Lately we've posted this collage full with Lillium's.

In this article we are showing you the names of the beautiful flowers

Valentines Day Bulbs

Dear reader,

Valentines Day is already coming up and last week we've posted some red colored flowers.

In this article we're going to show the bulbs we have used for the collage below.

Balcony Inspiration

Dear reader,

Do you love to garden, but are your limited to a balcony? There are many ways to garden with a balcony, you just have to be creative.

All it takes is the ambition to grow something you want to enjoy.
We have some tips for you!

Small Garden Inspiration

Dear reader,

A small garden can be a limitation for the ones who love to garden, but there are many ways to be satisfied with your small garden.

That is why we've made an article about small gardens for you!