Balcony Inspiration

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Do you love to garden, but are your limited to a balcony? There are many ways to garden with a balcony, you just have to be creative.

All it takes is the ambition to grow something you want to enjoy.
We have some tips for you!

1. Make a plan: find out what the hours of sunlight is and what the sunniest spots on your balcony are. Once you understand the environment it is gonna be easier to design your balcony. Find out what plants are appropriate for your balcony, do you want bulbs, annuals or bedding plants?

2. Container gardening: There are lots of different kinds op pots, from plastic ones to pots wit a watering drainage system. It is important that the pots allow drainage so the bulbs are able to breathe. Bulbs don't like to have wet feet and otherwise they will rotten away. Fill you containers with proper soil specially for your selected flower bulbs.
There are also special containers for over your balcony frame.

3. Go up! Use hanging baskets and plant some hanging Begonia's or something else in it. Also great for vegetables.

4. Vertical gardening: it is possible to plant veggies, annuals and flowers with this. Got an ugly wall and you don't want to look longer at it? Vertical gardening!

5. Don't feel the need to use every inch of your balcony. It may be tempting to stuff your balcony full, but by having less plants or containers the space will seem bigger.

6. Use different structures and sizes of pots, this will create an optic illusion of more space for the eyes.

7. Create texture, place bigger things in the background and smaller plants in the front.

Advantages balcony gardening:
- less expensive
- better control of diseases and pests
- weeds are better manageable
- less soil and fertilizer
- containers and pots have a better mobility

- you can't plant huge trees, unless you live on the rooftop.
- more exposure for wind, depending on how high up you are.
- you have to water more, because the balcony above creates overhang.
- when birds landing on your balcony they can create a big mess.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope that you can work with some of these tips!
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