Spring bulbs: Begonia

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As you might know, is it time to start thinking about your Spring bulbs. These are bulbs you plant in Spring and they flower in Fall. 

Today an article about Begonia's, they have been adored for shade gardeners. There are different kind of species, we do sell the: Non-Stop BegoniaDouble Camelia Begonia and the Hanging Begonia.  

Available fromWeek 10
Bulb Size6/+
Planting Distance10''
Planting Depth1''
Hardiness Zone9-10
Climate Zone8-10
Blooming TimeJul-Oct
Minimum for effect2-3
Deer ResistanceYes
~ Find a well-drained spot in your garden to plant your tubers, so overflowing water can easily flow away. (If you use pots or hanging baskets make sure it has holes, Begonia's don't like wet feet.
~ Check your garden for shady spots, Begonia's prefer shade.
~ Use well-drained, organic soil.
~ Dig a hole for your Begonia tuber and tuck them in, don't cover them fully up.
~ After planting, water the tubers good but not to good.

After life:

~ Don't cut off the foliage, leaves or stalk.
~ When the leaves and stalk are turning yellow, then remove them.
~ Water the tuber if you think this is needed.
~ After a few months, your Begonia's will begin to start blooming again.

Note: Do you live in a cold area? Dig the tuber up before the first frost comes in and store them in a cool place in an old newspaper or paper bag with peat moss.

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