Spring Bulbs: Plant Instructions

Dear reader,

As you might know, Spring season is in full running. Some bulb varieties are already sold out, so be fast with Spring bulb shopping!
Spring bullbs must be planted now, and they come up in Summer.

That sounds nice but if you are a gardening greenie, it can be a bump in the way to plant those bulbs. We've got some tips for you to make it easier.

Spring Bulbs: Deer Resistant Spring Bulbs

Dear reader,

What is even more annoying than finding out deers ate your beautiful bulbs?
We've made a list for you with deer resistant Spring bulbs, the ones we have on our website.

You can plant these bulbs careless and not wondering all the time if your bulbs already have been eaten by deer. Happy bulb planting time!

How to prepare your garden for Spring


Spring past us a week ago, so this is the perfect time to prepare your garden for Spring. Follow our tips and this will bring you benefits for the whole year!