Fall Bulbs: Hyacinths


One of our customers recently asked if we wanted to write an article about the Hyacinth. Well of course we want to, so here it is!

The hyacinth (hyacinthus orientalis) is a bulb and family from the Asparagus. This bulb is originally originating from the eastern mediterranean area (Mid-Turkey till Libanon). The hyacinth cultivation used..

Fall Bulbs: Colorful Garden

Dear readers,

When visiting the Netherlands, you should have noticed the long fields of colorful Tulips. How nice would it be to have this kind of colors in your garden?

Before you are going to plant your flower bulbs, think about how you want your garden to look like. 

Fall bulbs: Narcissus

Dear reader,

What is a garden without Narcissus?

The name is originating from the Greek mythology. Narcissus are Fall bulbs, this means you have to plant them in Fall and they bloom in Spring. You will find them in different variaties and colors: pink, white, orange and yellow.