Spring bulbs: Elephant Ears

Dear garden lovers,

There is a plant with huge beautiful leaves, almost as large as a grown-up person..

We are talking about the; Elephant Ear! The Elephant Ear or Colocasia is known for his tropical look and outrageous foliage. For more information about this extraordinary plant, keep reading..

Spring Bulbs: Liliums

Dear garden lovers,

Ready for Spring bulbs?
What do you think about these lovely Lilliums?

Lillium come in all size and colours. 

Valentines Day!

Dear gardenlovers,

Some of you might love this day and some of you might hate this day..
Of course we are talking about Valentines Day!

This day is well known for ..

Spring Bulbs: Begonia's

Dear gardenlover,

January passed us and February flew in, time to pre-order your Spring bulbs! They must be planted after the last frost!

Today we wanted to tell you something about the Begonia. They have been adored for..