Spring bulbs: how to prepare your garden for Spring?

Dear garden lovers,

With the Spring a few weeks ahead of us, it is time to prepare you garden for Spring. Follow the next tips and it will bring benefits for your garden the whole year. Keep reading..

Clean up your drainage. This is the easiest time to clean it, because there is barely any vegatative growth in early Spring. Gather your leaves together and use them for compost.

Burried flower bulbs. If the life of your Spring blooming bulbs is over, you can extend the bulb life by taking the old flower off just under the bloom and let the foliage die the natural way. This will make the nutrition go back to the bulb and this way it will restore the strenght for the years to come in blooming season.

Remove weeds. It is easy to remove your weeds now, because the roots are at this time very shallow. Cover the empty spots with mulch to prevent new upcoming weeds.

Plant Spring bulbs. We've still got a nice selection of Dahlia's, Lillies, Gladiolus and more flower bulbs! Now is the time to work on your summer garden and plant the summer-blooming bulbs!

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