Fall: how to prepare your garden for winter

Dear garden lovers,

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is time to give your garden a last update. Now is the perfect time to plant your Fall bulbs, do it before the first frost comes in because they need a cold period before the Spring. With the upcoming cold it is very important to protect your garden. 


Check if all the waterdrains are open. This is to make sure when the snow melts in Spring, that the water can be drained. It will also limited the damage from salt and snowmelt liquid.

Make sure that all plants are winter ready and cover the Spring flowering bulbs with mulch. This is to protect them a little bit from the harsh winter.

~ It is a good time to bring in the last Summer flowering bulbs like Dahlia's, Canna's and Begonia's. Protect them from frost in your basement or attic where it is frost free.

~ For our friends in the South: the best time to plant the bulbs is between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Even into the first week of January is a good time to plant your bulbs.  

Happy bulbplanting!

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