Spring: winter tips

Dear garden friends,

While the winter is coming back a little bit, we at dutchflowerbulbs.com are working to prepare the website for Fall bulbs. However, there are still plenty Spring bulbs to choose from like Canna's, Dahlia's, Lilies and other Spring planting bulbs.


Even with Groundhog day tomorrow, Punxsutawney Phil will forecast or 6 weeks more winter or the end of the winter. In case of 6 weeks more winter, this gives you 6 more weeks to order Spring bulbs! And if Phil forecasts the winter is over, we also still have 6 more to order and plant the bulbs. So time enough to buy your flowerbulbs and plant them in the ground.

If you do live in a warmer climate and your Fall bulbs are emerging, don't worry because mother nature will correct herself. Do not touch the plants or don't try to protect them, this will cause more harm. Also this is the time we can expect the deer to eat the Tulips and other bulbs in their search for food. We can keep them away by applying Deer Off. Spray as soon as the bulbs are emerging, reapply this everytime when there is more growth or when it has been raining lately.

Don't have time to plant your bulbs? Store them in a cool, dark place until you are placing them in the ground. But, it is best to plant them right away after you received them! 
Happy bulbplanting!

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