April does what it wants

Dear garden friends,

With reference to our last newsletter where we did make reference to Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast, there were for sure 6 weeks more of winter. While the Midwest and central USA this past weekend were hit by snow and cold weather, the South is battling with tornadoes.
So at the moment the most asked questing is; my Spring bulbs are covered with snow what can I do to protect them? The answer is; do not touch the plants or try to protect them, this will cause more harm the bulbs can handle during the cold.
Also this is the time we can expect the deer to eat the Tulips and other bulbs in their search for food, we can keep them away by applying Deer Off. Spray as soon the bulbs are emerging, re-apply this everytime when there is more growth or it has been raining lately.
For planting Liliums the cold is no problem. For Dahlia’s and other tender bulbs we do recommend that you start planting those bulbs and tubers around the last frost date, which will be listed at the local news paper.
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