Fall bulbs: how to protect your garden against the heat?

Dear gardenlover,

We are not the only ones who are suffering from the heat, but our gardens too!
Here are some tips to protect your garden against the heat in the summer, because your plants can't protect their self. 

Water your garden in the morning, or in the late evening.
During the warm weather, the need for water is stronger than on colder days. Water your garden preferably in the morning or when there is no other choice in the late evening. 
This is because there is a chance of burning your plants when watering during the hottest moment of the day. They also have more time to drink the water and hydrated plants are beter resistant against the heat! 

Use shade cloths to protect your garden (partial).
A shade cloth protects your garden (partial) against the heat of the sunlight. They are available at your local garden centers, they are in different sizes and shade factors. Make sure you tie the cloth up good, you don't want your cloth to harm your plants by falling in it.

Cover the roots up with mulch.
Make sure you cover up the surface around the plants, so the sunlight can't dry out the soil around the roots. And this way, the soil stays moisted and won't evaporate. There are differect types of mulch you can use, light colored mulch is best and helps reflecting the sunlight.

Group your plants according water needs.
Group your low-water needing plants together and your high-water needing plants. This makes watering your plants easier.

Watch the weather forecast.
This sounds like a logical step, but it is one of the most important steps. Be prepared of a heatwave and protect your plants! Because we can go inside with the warm weather, but your garden is dependent of you. 

Happy bulb planting!