How to mix colors?

Have you ever seen those gorgeous fields of flowerbulbs? Most of them in the prettiest colors, even in mixed colors? What if we told you that you can do that also at home in your own garden? Follow these tips below for that beautiful effect.


Before you’re going to plant any bulbs, make sure you make a plan. Describe where you want to plant your bulbs, what kind of bulbs you want to use and make colorgroups. So write down the colors you want to mix, plus the name of the flowerbulb. This way you can check the name of the flowerbulbs when everything is in bloom. 

Planting time

It is best to plant your Fall bulbs in Fall, they come up in Spring or Summer. Assume always that flower bulbs need to be planted twice as deep as itself is. On the packaging of the bulb is the flowering time described, the most suitable location and planting depth. Choose a spot where you want to plant your bulbs, dig a hole and place your bulbs in the hole. Don’t push the bulbs to hard in the ground, be careful. It depends on the size of the bulb how close you can plant the bulbs next to each other. Cover it up with dirt or mulch and water it. 

Play with colors

The fun part of combining colors is that you can do whatever you want. The color palette is endless. Every colormix is good, because you mix the colors the way you want. You can mix and match colors from the same bulb, but you can also mix and match colors ánd bulbs. We like to mix everything, check our Social Media for some examples and we hope we can you inspire you to also combine colors.