Blooming period Fall bulbs

With the heat going on in the country, you probably won’t think about flowerbulbs. But it is already possible to pre-order your Fall bulbs! Did you noticed some gardens always have those beautiful blooming flowers? That is because most Fall bulbs have different blooming periods. This way you can have season round flowers in bloom.

Blooming period

A Tulip for example is a flower which comes in different blooming periods and some of them are also called that way. They exist in Single Early Tulips, Double Early Tulips and Single Late Tulips. The Single Early and Double early Tulips are both early bloomers, but the difference is the flowerpetal. Ofcourse all of the bulbs we offer are blooming in Fall, but they do have different blooming times. We made a list for you with every blooming time of the flower bulbs we sell on our website. This is also described on the website by each flower.

Name:                                               Blooming period:
Allium                                                April/May/June
Amaryllis                                           Indoor, in 6-8 weeks
Anemone                                           March/April
Chinodoxa                                         February/March
Crocus                                               February/March/April
Daffodils                                            February/March/April/May
Eranthis                                             February/March
Frittilaria                                            April/May
Galanthis                                           February/March
Hyacinth                                            March/April
Iris                                                     February/March/April/May/June/July
Leucojum                                          February/March/April/May/June/July
Muscari                                             March/April/May
Puschkinia                                         February/March/April/May
Scilla                                                 February/March/April
Tulips                                                March/April/May

Ofcourse this is just an indication. The blooming period can depend on your climate zone or the way you treat the bubs.

Lasagna planting

Plant the bulbs which will bloom the latest first, so this is the deepest layer. Plant the bulbs which will grow mid-season in the middle layer. Then top it off with the early bloomers. If you use this method, you will always have blooming flowers. For a pot or container: use a broken terracotta pot and layer it on the bottom of your container. This way the water will slower flow away. Or when you have a big pot, use the broken terracotta pot on the bottom and you will need less soild for your container.

How to keep deer out of your garden

Do you know the feeling you justed planted your Fall bulbs, to find out the next day deer ate your bulbs? If you answered this question with a yes, keep on reading. If not so, you’re lucky! We’ll give you tips on how to prevent deer eating your bulbs. We also provided this blog with a list of bulbs that deer won’t eat. But we must say, it depends on how hungry the deer is. They will almost eat anything.


Fencing is the most common solution, just as netting and metal stakes. Use a high fence otherwise they will just jump right over the fence or net. Fencing and netting doesn’t always looks fabulous in your garden.


Ofcourse you can buy the bulbs that deer won’t eat, but they don’t come in a wide selection. And why shouldn’t you buy the flowerbulbs you really want to have? Because you don’t want the deer eating your bulbs, but there are also tricks to prevent deer from eating your bulbs. Certain items like reflective items, hidden lines, branches with thorns and sprinklers will deter the deer.  They scare easily so put something in your garden that makes noise like a flag or an electric wire. Spray something with an unappealing scent like garlic or rotten eggs. Spray this when your not in the garden, for example at night. So it doesn’t bother yourself when it smells the worst. You can also use deer deterrent sprays, but make sure you use the organics ones. Some of the chemical sprays can be very aggresive.

List of deer-resistant Fall bulbs

But once again, when these deer are hungry they will almost eat anything. Keep in mind that these animals learn fast, so try rotating different methods.