How to plant Fall bulbs

September just started and Fall is coming closer. It is time to order your Fall bulbs! We’ll start shipping Fall bulbs in a few weeks. You can start planting Fall bulbs in September, plant them before the first frost comes in. For the gardening greenies, let us first explain how you can plant Fall bulbs.

Before planting

Firstable, decide where you want to plant all your flowerbulbs. Do you want groups? Or do you want to spread out your bulbs? Do you want the same flowers together or do you want mixed flowers and colors? There is multiple things to think about before you are getting to work. On the packing of the bulbs is described the blooming time and the most suitable lcoation. Check very well where you have to plant your bulbs. Some bulbs are sunlovers and other bulbs might need more shade then sun. Also, not every bulb grows at the same time. Make sure you have season round blooming flowers by planting flowerbulbs with diffferent blooming times. Plant bulbs in every corner of the garden, this way you can bring a pop of color in every corner of the garden.

 Planting tips

Place the bulbs in groups where you want to plant them and sort all of the bulbs out. Make holes with a garden trowel. Assume always that a bulb needs to be planted 2,5 times deep as itself is. Pointed bulbs should be planted with the tip up, think: daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, gladiolus and crocus. When in doubt what the top is, plant the bulbs on their side. This way the stem will always find his way to the sun. Don’t push the bulbs to hard in the ground, or you might damage the bulb.

 After planting

When your done planting bulbs, cover them up with the soil. At last, water your bulbs good after planting them. 
All you have to do now is wait and dream of your beautiful garden in Spring!