Sun or shade garden?

When we think of a beautiful and colorful garden full with flowers, we automatically link this to rays of sunshine. Not every bulb needs the same amount of sun or shade hours. There are some flowers who don’t like to stand in full sun. Instead of sun they rather have a shady spot. Get to know your garden well to decide what kind of flowers you can buy for your garden.

Shady or full sun?

A shade garden means that your garden never or barely has sun. The opposite is a sun garden, it means that your garden never or barely has shade. You can call it a full sun garden when you have at least 6 hours per day of sun. Partial sun or shade means that your garden gets 3 to 6 hours a day of sun. The rest of the day the garden is covered with shade.

What kind of flower bulbs do I need?

But how do you know what flower bulbs are suitable for your garden? There are differences regarding sun exposure. It is difficult to decide how much sun or shade your flowers need. Do they need full sun or full shade? Or something in the middle like partial sun or shade?  On our website we mentioned by every flower how much sun exposure it needs. This way you can easily check where to plant your bulbs. You don’t need to follow these directions strictly, there is some flexibility in the exposure.

What kind of garden do I have?

Not every bulb or garden is the same. That’s why it is difficult to find out what kind of garden you have. Does your garden has a lot of sunhours or has it some shady spots or does it has no sun at all? Try to figure this out, get to know your garden well and it makes gardening easier.